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Moving Tips & Checklist

Call ahead for a smoother move:

  • You will need to contact your local phone company for your new telephone directory.

You may need to find out about the following that effect you:

  • Shop for a bank - compare fees, interest rates, branch locations, business hours and automated teller machines.
  • Check up on schools - verify how to transfer school records, confirm dates classes begin and end. Age requirements, vaccinations and other enrollment needs.
  • Locate doctors and lawyers and other services - contact local chamber of commerce for referrals on professional services.
  • Contact utilities - call at least two weeks in advance to arrange for connection of services. Find out about hook-up charges and deposit policies.

GET READY: One month before you move.

___ Set up a calendar for your move.

___ Write down important new phone numbers.

___ Finalize arrangements with your moving company.

___ Call friends and relatives to let them know you are moving.

___ Collect and keep important papers handy.

___ Begin packing seldom used articles.

GET READY: Two weeks before your move.

___ Clear up outstanding accounts.

___ Transfer checking and saving accounts and contents of safe deposit box to your new community.

___ Transfer long distance phone service

___ Begin serious packing of items you won't need over the next two weeks.

___ Send change of address cards and leave a forwarding address with the post office.

___ Arrange disconnect/connect date with local utilities.

___ Arrange for pet travel.

___ Service your car, especially if traveling a long distance.

___ Drain/dispose of flammable liquids in the lawn mowers, etc.