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Sample Monthly Owner's Statement

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This simplified statement is a feature that appeals to many of our owners. The statement, corresponding bills, and proceeds check (if applicable) are mailed by the 20th of each month.

Raines Property Management
318 North Main Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Joe Smith
318 North Main Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Monthly Owner's Statement
Joe Smith
November 1, 2002 to November 30, 2002
Date Description Amount Balance
11/1/02 Beginning Balance    
  Rent Apartment $725.00  
  Total Revenues $725.00  
  Maintenance $127.50  
  Management Fees $72.50  
  Owners Proceeds Check $425.00  
  Total Expenses $625.00  
  Net Balance Change $0.00  
11/30/02 Ending Balance   $100.00