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Parking Rules and Regulations

Lee Street Apartments (411, 413 Lee Street & 422 Roanoke Street)
1720 Patrick Henry Drive Apartments
Washington Street Apartments
Webb Street Apartments (403, 405 & 407 Webb Street)

  1. No more than one (1) Parking Pass will be issued per resident.
  2. All residents with vehicles MUST have a valid parking sticker.
  3. Your parking sticker does not guarantee or reserve a specific parking lot.
  4. Your may not park on any curb or sidewalk. You must park in designated parking spots only. This means striped parking spots only!
  5. You may not double park perpendicularly behind any car or diagonally.
  6. You may not park on any grassy area.
  7. It is the resident's responsibility to give the parking sticker to anyone who should sublease from him or her.
  8. There will be a $15.00 replacement fee for any parking sticker, which is reported lost or stolen.

Towing will be enforced!

Ivy Gardens

Ivy Garden residents must park in those spaces marked for Ivy Gardens excluding those that are not labeled as privately rented or the ones labeled for Alpha Phi. Ivy Garden residents must move their vehicles every 24 hours so as to create turnover so that everyone has access to the spaces. Any vehicle parked in the 208 Turner Street lot must be parked in a lined space except for the space beside the planter and diagonal space just in front of the planter, which are Alpha Phi. Any vehicle parked outside a marked space or any space marked for Alpha Phi will be subject to being towed for impeding the flow of traffic. There will be no double parking behind other vehicles. There will be NO parking in the tree area around the mailboxes. There will be a $15.00 replacement fee for any parking sticker reported lost or stolen.

Towing will be enforced!

Pheasant Run Crossing

The following rules and regulations have been extracted from the Architectural and Environmental Guidelines for the Pheasant Run Crossing Homeowner's Association. All residents and owners are expected to comply with these guidelines, as well as all laws that govern you as a resident of the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia.

  1. No trash, debris or pet waste shall be permitted to accumulate in the yards in front or behind the townhomes. Trash should be kept in individual containers, which should have a lid and be stored at the back of the house. Trash containers should be left on the curb for trash pick-up, but should return to the rear of the house within 24 hrs of trash service. Any trash not kept in covered containers must be maintained in sealed garbage bags to prevent litter throughout the community. The Association at any time at the expense of the resident may clean up littered yards. The Association will impose a charge of $25.00 for up to two hours of trash removal, $15.00 for each additional hour of removal, any dump fees and a $20.00 processing fee.
  2. Noise violations should be reported directly to the Blacksburg Police Department. The Association, the Town of Blacksburg may prosecute violations. No exterior speakers or sound devices shall be placed or used on any property at any time.
  3. No animals or birds, other than a reasonable number of generally accepted house pets, shall be maintained in any townhome or on any lot and then only domestic pets with the owner's permission. No pet shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to become a nuisance. All pets shall be restrained or controlled as required by the Blacksburg Leash Laws. No pets shall be allowed to relieve bodily functions on the common area or private property. Tenants are subject to fees for cleanup and repairs to the exterior of the townhome, trees, shrubs or lawns as a result of pet damage.
  4. No sign shall be erected or maintained on any lot including "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs.
  5. All landscaping projects for front, rear or side yards must be approved by the AECC prior to installation or change. Trees and shrubs other than the original plantings may not be planted without prior approval from the AECC.
  6. Sheds or other outbuildings are not permitted. This excludes storage sheds built with the original structure.
  7. No outside clotheslines are permitted. No materials or clothes shall be hung from the front porch or rear deck rails.
  8. No materials shall be stored outside the townhomes, such as household furniture, on the decks or patios or under the decks or patios. Bicycles may not be chained to the front porch rails and must be kept in the bike racks located throughout the community or on the rear patios or decks. This is not meant to include deck/porch furniture or grills, which are allowed on back decks, and patios only! When not in use, these items should be neatly stored behind the house and in a place that does not interfere with lawn maintenance.
  9. Motorcycles and automobiles will not be started, repaired or ridden on non-approved areas or on common areas, sidewalks or yards within Pheasant Run Crossing.
  10. Only minor car repairs will be permitted on the premises of Pheasant Run Crossing and no car washing is allowed.
  11. Parking lots will not be used to store vehicles. Parking lots should be used for parking on a rotating basis. Any vehicle being stored may be towed at the owner's expense and without notice. No unlicensed vehicles shall be permitted to remain overnight on the property. Please refer to the Pheasant Run Crossing Parking Policy for further details on parking in the community.
  12. All exterior lighting shall be located, operated and maintained so that it does not cause unreasonable glare or illumination on any other townhome. Light covers must remain in good repair and in place at all times. Replacements must be same as originals. Exterior front and rear door light bulbs must be kept white at all times.
  13. Ornaments or other seasonal decorations should be removed within 2 weeks of the holiday.
  14. Exterior TV antennas are not allowed, without prior permission from the Board of Directors.
  15. No temporary outside structures or tents are allowed.
  16. Storm doors must be maintained with screens and latches in place. Damaged doors must be repaired immediately.
  17. Campers, trucks, trailers, motor homes and other recreational vehicles shall not be parked or stored on the premises.
  18. Interior windows will be covered with 1" white mini-blinds that are kept in good repair to insure a consistent and well- maintained appearance from the exterior of the development. Window screens will be kept in the windows and doors at all times. They must be kept in good repair to insure a consistent and well-maintained appearance from the exterior of the development. No blanket towels, posters, tin foil, stickers, or other material may be placed between the window and the mini-blinds so as to be viewed from the exterior of the townhome.
  19. All residents and homeowners are responsible for abiding by the Pheasant Run Crossing Party Policies below:
    • All homeowners and residents are responsible for their behavior and that of their guests and invitees. The Board will hold financially and legally accountable all individuals involved in acts of vandalism and/or destruction of Association property that occurs as a direct result of a party.
    • The homeowners and/or residents hosting a party are responsible for cleaning up their respective lot, all adjoining lots, the parking lot and any other area within the community where trash or debris is evident as a result of the event. Trash will be disposed of immediately following the event so as not to create a nuisance to neighboring lots or neighborhoods or detract from the overall appearance of the community. Trash is meant to include, but not limited to, all cans and bottles, party cups, cigarette butts and decorations.
    • Parties or other social gatherings should be limited to the rear yards and interiors of the respective dwelling hosting the event.
    • No party may be allowed to overflow onto adjoining lots, unless the adjoining lot owner grants prior permission. If the adjoining lot owner grants permission, that owner will be considered as hosting the party as well and will subsequently be held to all the provisions of this Party Policy.
    • No party may take place in the parking lot or other common areas of the community.
    • Outside bands, speakers, radios, or other sound devices are not permitted on any lot or the common area. All homeowners and residents should be aware of the Town of Blacksburg's Noise Ordinances and exercise compliance with this ordinance.
    • The Association is provided monthly police reports to monitor noise complaints within the community. Homeowners and residents will receive a Notice of Violation from the Association after two complaints have been reported. At this point the Due Process procedures will be invoked. Upon a third complaint, the matter will be forwarded to the Board.
    • Any homeowner, tenant, Board member or managing agent may file a formal complaint with the Association against any lot for violation of this policy. The complaint must be filed in accordance with the Due Process Resolution. Once a formal complaint is filed with the Association All Due Process procedures will be invoked.
    • The Association may clean up littered yards at any tie and charge the cost of clean up to the responsible homeowner(s) and resident(s). The Association will impose a charge of $40.00 for up to two hours of trash removal, $20.00 for each additional hour of removal, all landfill fees and a $20.00 processing fee.